It’s an honor to collaborate with this set of local wellness specialists to bring you an amazing retreat experience. Our mission is to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses that are all working toward a similar purpose; to help our community find ways to prioritize mindful connection, movement, self care, and overall wellness.


Yoga & Meditation

Diana Racek

Di profile-2.jpeg

Diana has been teaching yoga and meditation for the past couple years—after building a 15 year career in the corporate business world. Yoga has been a part of Diana’s life since college but it didn’t take a front seat until she realized the hamster wheel she was on was no longer sustainable. Diana is discovering how to connect with herself and others in a more mindful and meaningful way every day.




Sylvie Kademian


To Sylvie, movement is therapy. Its effect became more important after Sylvie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. With thousands of hours of teaching experience, her background as a professional figure skater, yoga teacher, and educator shine through in her classes along side her passion for all types of movement.  




Anique Pegeron - Mindful World


Anique is a certified mindfulness, meditation, and yoga teacher with nine years of experience. She is passionate about sharing benefits of mindfulness for mental, physical, and emotional well-being among all ages—focusing her daily work on kids and teens.




Lara Kross - Vie Fitness & Spa


Lara has 15 years of experience in clinical nutrition working in a hospital setting and now with Vie Fitness & Spa. She enjoys working with clients to create healthy and realistic lifestyle changes using a non-diet approach to eating.




Dr. Shelly Flagel - University of Michigan


As principal investigator, Shelly leads a behavioral neuroscience lab in the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute at the University of Michigan. She practices yoga and meditation herself as a way of clearing her mind and bringing calm into her very busy life.


women’s health

Dr. Nancy Boyd - Ancoeur Wellness


Nancy is a physical therapist and former D1 athlete, specializing in women’s health and sports medicine. She’s passionate about educating women that incontinence, pelvic pain, or low back pain are not inevitable consequences of childbirth or aging—in fact, they’re treatable. Nancy loves helping women find joy in reconnecting to their body and all it can do for them.



Organic skin care

Katie Westgate - K.WEST Skin Body Soul


With nine years of experience as an esthetician in NYC and locally, and a graduate degree in experience design, Katie brings a highly attuned sensitivity to the experience of others. She created K.WEST to provide a sanctuary to return to wholeness through high vibe treatments, herbalism, energy and body work, yoga and community. Katie is also a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor, and will be teacher at her studio, Shuniya at K.WEST, opening late 2019. 


Sound healing

Rob Meyer-Kukan - Healthy Musician Institute


Rob is a musician, educator, Licensed Massage Therapist and Vibrational Sound Therapy Certified Practitioner. He loves using sound (by way of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, wind chimes, drums and other instruments) in his practice to help clients relax, rest and rejuvenate. Rob practices out of his in-home studio and at Joy: Freedom in Motion in downtown Ann Arbor.