mindful and healthy nourishment for you & your fam

Lara Kross, Vie Fitness & Spa

How do we incorporate nutritious, well-balanced meals for ourselves and our families into our hectic daily routine? 

This session will focus on mindful, healthy eating, including tips and resources for grocery shopping, meal preparation, and recipe planning.



The Science of Mindfulness

Dr. Shelly flagel, University of Michigan

We’re hearing more and more about how mindfulness and physical movement keep our brains healthy. But what is happening exactly on a neurobiological level? Dr. Shelly Flagel will briefly discuss what is known in the field surrounding mindfulness, movement and the brain.


Skin Care


Katie Westgate, K.West Skin Body Soul

Healing the skin begins at the surface and is a catalyst for healing that extends through the body, mind and soul. Katie Westgate, certified Kundalini yoga instructor, esthetician and owner of K.WEST Skin Body Soul will share ancient Kundalini yoga beauty secrets and modern advances in 100% natural skincare products and regeneration treatments. 


Women’s Health

Adore Your Core: Functional Female Pelvic Floor

Dr. Nancy Boyd, Ancoeur Wellness

Want to feel empowered, strong, and confident about your body? Are you ready to master your workouts without a fear of peeing your pants? Join Dr. Nancy Boyd, DPT, for a chat designed to help you overcome fears, demystify the female pelvic floor, and give you tools to help connect to your core.